Aman Aviation & Aerospace Solutions is approved M.R.O by the DGCA India in CAR 145, DOT (US),& ISO 9001:2016.A3S is providing the tailored solutions for the maintenance, repairs and overhaul needs on the components on case to case basis. Currently We are servicing varous slides, slide rafts for single isle, various types of pressure vessels like Oxygen, CO2,N2,Helium, various life vest,survival kits, various fire extinguisher, flotation system of helicopters etc. The expert panel is able to guide you thru the entire process.A3S is a natural choice preas an OFFSET partner in India due to quality of work and Aviation bent of mind while working with the Indian Defence organisations To Know more about MRO Wing
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Helicopter charter & Joyride:
Aman Aviation & Aerospace Solutions can undertake Banner towing operation using helicopter, Joy rides,Pipeline survey, birthday celebration in Air, Marriage Anniversary cake cutting in helicopter,Ring Ceremony in Helicopter and various such flying task where it becomes life-long memories for our clients.
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A3S wing Jatayu Unmanned Systems specializes in Artifical Intelligence based Civil and Defense solutions. We hold licenses from Government of India for Research, Development & Manufacturing of Unmanned Systems & Technology.
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A3S is continuously working on increasing its capabilities, slowly and steadily,to provide sustainable service to its esteemed customers.

Due to our following strengths we have established a unique position in the Aviation space:

Our key persons are highly experienced in Indian Aviation Industry on the components installed on various types of Commercial Aircrafts and Helicopters. The technical team and the operational team of A3S is well trained and highly experienced in Aircraft maintenance and operations. This has created a strong and secure working group.This is one of the key focus area and U.S.P

We have a system of ensuring that the TAT is religiously followed, thus trying to achieve this target of on time deliveries. In addition to the Quality of work, this is another key focus area and U.S.P.

The customer is given the service to make him believe that it is his own repair shop and they can depend on this shop for serviceability of their fleet. AOG service is provided as though our own aircraft is on ground.